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Surface: Super White

Thickness: 9.5mm

We use only premium glaze and raw materials to produce high-quality porcelain tile for both floor and wall, we make it luxurious and affordable for everyone with our wide range of 60×120 cm Super White Italian Designs.

600×1200 mm

Italian Designs

Embrace the Allure of Super White: A Clean Slate for Your Interior Design

Super White tiles serve as a versatile foundation for any interior design style. Their minimalist aesthetic perfectly complements modern and contemporary spaces, while their clean lines seamlessly integrate into traditional and rustic settings. Whether you prefer bold patterns or understated elegance, Super White tiles provide the perfect canvas for your design vision.

A Blank Canvas for Your Creative Expression

Super White tiles offer an endless canvas for your creative expression. Super White tiles seamlessly adapt to your vision, whether you envision a serene spa-like ambiance or a bold and contemporary aesthetic. Pair them with natural materials like wood or stone for an earthy touch, or juxtapose them with pops of color for a dramatic statement.

Your Gateway to Timeless Design

With their enduring appeal and adaptability, Super White tiles are a timeless investment that will enhance the beauty of your home for years to come. Embrace the versatility of Super White tiles and let your interior design aspirations take flight.

Unleash the Luminosity of Super White Tiles

Embrace the radiant beauty of Super White tiles and transform your home into a dazzling sanctuary of light and space. Let these versatile tiles illuminate your life, creating a stylish and serene haven.

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